Family Dysfunction Can Not Explain Why Casey Anthony Didn’t Respond for 31 Days

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Normal Family Dysfunction Can Not Explain Why Casey Anthony Didn’t Respond for 31 Days

Post by Wrapitup on Thu Apr 21, 2011 3:09 pm

The defenses’ argument that Casey Anthony didn’t respond for 31 days due to “family dysfunction” and that Casey feared her father’s violence and mother’s wrath is completely lame in my view. No jury will buy it in my estimation. Even if that is the case, they will wonder why she didn’t go to brother Lee or to one of her friends or boyfriends.

They will especially not buy that “fear of coming home and telling her parents because she feared their wrath” excuse. After looking at the Jailhouse tapes of Casey and her parents, they will clearly see that it is SHE who runs them, not vice versa. She is the one in control.

Her father George even point-blank tells his daughter she is in control. If they read his jailhouse letters he sent to her, they will see him literally begging for her to see him. This once again indicates that it is Casey who is in control.


George has been an absentee non- involved father it appears, based on her comments to him “ Act like a father for the first time in you life.” If she feared George’s violence, she would never have spoken to him like that.

Yes, George may very well have a temper when pushed to his limit as we saw him on the lawn of his own home when he reacted violently. But under the circumstances, it is not difficult to understand his outbursts when people were on his property and name calling. All of the shame, embarrassment and trying to keep it all together finally got to him.

Just because he may have shoved a few protesters does not mean he beat up on Casey and that she feared his violence towards her. If that were the case, as soon as she was in the home, he may have let her have it when she refused to say where Caylee was located.

Did he molest her? That may very well be a possibility. But that still wouldn’t account for her waiting 31 days to come home or to tell what happened to Casey. Apparently, when her father encountered her and spoke to her about the gas tanks she said something vulgar to him. If someone fears you, they don’t mouth off to you because they are petrified of what the person may do to you.

If Casey claims that George beat her and also beat Caylee and she was saving Caylee from George, this will be the lamest thing she can ever say.

Caylee was the one who brought joy into George’s life. He has been the one who has grieved the most for Caylee it appears. From the tattoo of Caylee over his heart and the sincere body language and communication in terms of how he discusses her, he clealry adored her. It doesn’t make sense that he would do Caylee any harm. There is no motive in my view. Why would he destroy the only one thing in his life that brought him joy. Since he had no job, it wasn’t his work that brought him joy. It certainly was not Cindy that brought him joy based on what we have seen of them and what we have heard of their past troubles.


As far as fearing Cindy, there was no question that Cindy would no doubt yell and scream and carry on as we have all seen her do. But Casey was the one in control in that relationship as Cindy enabled her as Cindy constantly covered for her, just as she is doing now .

Casey was so in control over Cindy that she manipulated her by not telling her she dropped out of school and didn’t have a job and that there was a Zanny the Nanny . It was a “cat and mouse” type of game Casey played with Cindy for years to “get one over” on her.

There is no doubt that Casey detested Cindy for trying to control her and Caylee. While you can see that controlling behavior of Cindy’s in the jailhouse tapes when Cindy says to Casey to look up so she can see Casey’s eyes. But then you can also see Casey’s hatred and sadism towards Cindy when Cindy was crying and Casey was laughing. Casey says to her father, “What is this one crying about?” Casey was loving that she got Cindy upset. She was loving the control she was having over Cindy just as she loved the control by punishing Cindy for threatening to throw her out and keep Caylee.

Casey made sure that she would have the final control over her not being thrown out and Cindy keeping Caylee by taking Caylee from the home and never returning with her. Casey knew this would devastate Cindy. Caylee had never been away from George and Cindy for less than a day, so for Cindy to not make calls to law enforcement and try to find Casey and Caylee after 10 days, let alone 31 days speaks volumes. It speaks to Cindy’s stubbornness and pride and her own disdain towards Casey.

Having said all of this, even though she and Cindy had a dysfunctional relationship, there was no excuse for her to not tell Cindy right away. In fact, the sooner she told Cindy, the sooner she would have sadistic joy at seeing Cindy in pain over the loss of Caylee. But it was Casey’s attempt to remain in control and to figure out what to do to explain away what she allegedly did to Caylee.


Even if she detested and feared her parents, what about good old brother Lee? Apparently she loved him. After all, as she said on her facebook page, he was the coolest brother one could have. Why couldn’t she tell him during those 31 days? She certainly didn’t fear him as we can see from the jailhouse tapes. Until recently, when she discovered that he had manipualted her for law enforcement, she thought he was her biggest ally.

And then there was her best friend Amy Huizinga and her other friends and the myriad of men. Why couldn’t she confide in them?

It was because she was in the process if concocting her kidnap Zanny the Nanny story to explain what happened to Caylee and not have anyone point the finger at her allegedly doing away with Caylee.It was to work on the story that it was someone else’s fault Caylee went missing- not hers.

There was no doubt that Casey was in her own world of denial and passive aggressiveness.This wasn’t the first time Casey displayed her denial and passive agressiveness. She definately displayed it when she was pregnant with Caylee and didn’t tell her mother until she was well along in her pregnanacy. Cindy had no idea Casey was pregnant and even told her own brother Rick Plesea that Casey was a virgin, after he confronted Cindy about Casey’s weight gain. Casey obviously does not deal with things right away and apprentlhy hopes the problem will just disappear on its own just like she did in this case with Caylee.

The longer that Caylee was not around, the longer Casey didn’t have to think about her parents or Caylee . The longer she could spend partying and having fun in the moment. We saw it when she partied and got” Bella Vida” tattooed without thinking of Caylee.

After all, why should she? In Casey’s abberant thoughts , Caylee was nothing but a huge burden to her. She didn’t even want Caylee in the first place and allegedly thought so little of her, that when she allegedly did away with Caylee, she threw her dead body into a garbage bag, just like a piece of trash.

Her motives to do away with Caylee were strong.

Caylee kept her bonded and connected to her mother Cindy whom she detested.
Caylee interfered with her social night life.
Caylee interfered with her daily life of doing whatever she was doing when she wasn’t working.
Caylee interfered with her sex life, her boyfriends and spending time with them.
Caylee interfered with all the attention that was supposed to go to her.
Caylee was a vehicle to be used to hurt Cindy.
Caylee was a source of competition which she resented.
All the money that was spent on Caylee, her clothes and toys could have been spent on Casey.
The bottom line is that the defense will not succeed if they present their theory of Casey’s fear of her parents to a jury. They will simply wonder why she didn’t get help from someone else if she was so afraid of her parents.
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Normal Re: Family Dysfunction Can Not Explain Why Casey Anthony Didn’t Respond for 31 Days

Post by Guest on Thu Apr 21, 2011 5:57 pm

Bravo I agree with everything she wrote. All those motives spelled out 1 by 1 is impressive.

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Normal Re: Family Dysfunction Can Not Explain Why Casey Anthony Didn’t Respond for 31 Days

Post by cherylz on Thu Apr 21, 2011 6:44 pm

There is NEVER an excuse for taking the life of another (maybe in self-defense), especially the life of an innocent child...your child.

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Normal Re: Family Dysfunction Can Not Explain Why Casey Anthony Didn’t Respond for 31 Days

Post by jeanne1807 on Thu Apr 21, 2011 7:58 pm

Well I am sure she told nobody because she killed her. What was on her mind as far as a cover up..who knows.

I did read an interesting comment but I surely can't remember who right now. They thought Casey disassociated herself fromr Caylee and her death.

In Caseys disassociation it never happened. Perhaps Caylee never existed or was in Hawaii or with her grandparents.

What a very twisted, evil person we see sitting at that table scribbling her notes to heaven knows who.

I truly expect her at any minute to just stand up and say "I did it". But you know what. Casey would never do that. Because then the lights would go down and nobody would care. She would be locked away. The End.

No Casey will play this one out to the very end. She will prance and grimace and shed false tears. Her parents will lie and continue enableing this monster that murdered their granddaughter.

I don't know if I will endure this trial. This has really upset me. But of course we march on. Thank goodness we have the support of each other to manage another day and another Casey moment.

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Normal Re: Family Dysfunction Can Not Explain Why Casey Anthony Didn’t Respond for 31 Days

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