Casey Anthony Jury Consultant Seen on 48 Hours Only Did “Focus Group” Which Acquitted Casey Anthony, Not A “Mock Trial” Which May Have Given A Different Result

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Normal Casey Anthony Jury Consultant Seen on 48 Hours Only Did “Focus Group” Which Acquitted Casey Anthony, Not A “Mock Trial” Which May Have Given A Different Result

Post by Wrapitup on Sat Apr 23, 2011 11:36 am

April 18, 2011

I saw the 48 hours piece where they showcased Casey Anthony. They used a lot of early footage from a previous 48 hours before Caylee’s bones were discovered. The reason they most likely aired it again in my view, and just added a few elements like Linda Baden’s opinion and the focus group by Richard Gabriel, was simple – ratings and sweep season.

Sweep season is the time of year when shows and networks do everything in order to garner huge ratings. If they do get the ratings during April and May, they get top advertising dollar for their show. So in my view that is why viewers saw the show again.


As far a Linda Kenny Baden is concerned, isn’t she supposed to remain quiet as a former attorney for Casey? Aren’t attorneys supposed to never speak about a client or their case if they are no longer representing the person? Aren’t there some ethics that they have to abide by in this regard? Personally, since she was a member of the defense team in the past, she has no business discussing the case, especially on the air.

I could understand it is she was a legal commentator and it wasn’t a case she was involved with, but to me it verges on being a bit unethical. She admitted that Casey lied and then on the next breath said there was no DNA on the duct tape and that it didn’t have Casey’s or Caylee’s DNA on it. Of course it wouldn’t have anyone’s DNA on it if it was underwater for months and months and eaten by animals and plant growth was on it.

The fact that duct tape was anywhere near Caylee says enough to me if I was a juror. It wouldn’t matter if it had Caylee or Casey’s DNA on it. Just the fact that it was near her and that the child was dead would make me put two and two together in terms of what Casey did with that duct tape in relation to Caylee.

Then when Linda admitted Casey lied and was so nonchalant about it, I found it appalling. She in essence said, so what if Casey lied! That doesn’t mean that if she lied, she murdered Caylee. Well, Ms. Baden, it also can mean that if she lied, she didn’t NOT murder Caylee. Casey didn’t just lie to a boyfriend or to her parents. She lied to law enforcement which is HUGE! She send them on a wild goose chase which is HUGE!!!! A jury will hate that!


I thought that the focus group was very misleading to viewers. It gave the impression that a mock trial was done and Casey was not found guilty of first degree murder. This was only a focus group . It was was NOT a mock trial. The focus group evidently acquitted her of first degree murder. All of those in the focus group gave her involuntary manslaughter. They said it was an accident and that poor Casey was afraid to tell anyone or call her parents.

In a real trial it is essential to know who is on that jury. Who were the people on this jury? Were they young single mothers who identified with Casey? Were there people who didn’t get along with their parents? Were there any men who may have an affinity for Casey?


During jury selection these perspective jurors will be asked a multitude of questions before they are accepted by BOTH sides to serve on the jury. Baez and Gabriel will want to choose people who were young single moms, girls who like to party or partied hearty in the past, non educated people white single men in their 20’s,attractive young women and men, non religious people, people who have had problems with their parents in the past and still do, people who have been sexually molested in the past, people who have not been that responsible in their lives.

The prosecution will want scientific type people, educated people who don’t have any difficulty understanding the English language, Latinos (who tend to be very family oriented), strong Black women who are no nonsense, men and women tend to be very family oriented, people with no parental issues, no sexual molestation or abuse issues, responsible people, professionals, single mothers who work and have a job.

When you do jury selection it is not based on political correctness. Instead, it is often based on cultural behaviors of certain sex, educational, racial, and ethnic groups as well as behavioral manifestations. To be a great jury consultant you have to know people from all walks of life and how they most likely think.

Richard Gabriel is a very good jury consultant as he has done it for many years and even wrote a book on the subject. That is why I am very concerned about him. He will choose the very best jury to benefit Casey, just as he chose the best focus group which acquitted Casey.

The prosecution needs to be up to par with Gilbert or even better and one step ahead of him. Unfortunately the prosecution has decided to not use a jury consultant as they want to do this on their own because of budgetary and who knows what else reason. Those in charge of the attorneys have naively stated that they want to treat the Anthony case just like they treat their other homicide cases in Central Florida and not get caught up in the media frenzy.

Personally I think they are being extremely naive. This is the case of the century besides OJ . This case requires a LOT of special attention especially since they have Richard Gilbert on the defense team. If they get someone locally do help them out they will be doing themselves a huge disservice. They need someone equal to or savvier than Gilbert who can really read people and who can make sure that someone has not leaked into the jury box who with certain prejudices which may be harmful to the prosecution and justice being served.

You not only need jury selection expertise who need someone in the courtroom for two months of the trial who is looking at each of the jurors and scrutinizing them when you examine and cross examine the witness to see how they are perceiving you. You need to see which juror is with you and which ones aren’t. Only an astute jury consultant can tell you what is really going on.


Casey cannot control her behaviors. Her arrogance and aberrant behaviors will surface just as they surfaced every time she appeared in the courtroom thus far.

We have all seen her up close and personal and frankly she is not likeable. They will also detest Cindy when she gets up on the stand and they will be repulsed by brother Lee. Some may find sympathy for George while others will detest him as well. When they see the jailhouse tapes of him they will see how nurturing he is towards Casey and will not respect him in the least. So Casey’s dysfunctional family which she obviously runs and controls will have a negative impact on how the jury perceives her.

A jury will like Jose in my view who may very well be her only saving grace in
the trial. No matter what you think of Jose and his lack of experience and past behavior a jury will like him more than they like anyone else on Casey’s team.As they say in Portuguese, he is less worse. A jury will be completely turned off by Cheney Mason if he keeps touching and whispering to Casey and is accepting of her flirtations. They will wonder what is going on between the two of them.

In contrast the jury will love Linda Drane Burdick’s professionalism and demeanor and will respect Jeff Ashton’s bold and direct and no nonsense approach.

Who is on that jury is the key to what will happen to Casey Anthony. Friday Judge Belvin Perry said that he would keep the cameras on when they have jury selection. That will be awesome to see. I can’t wait to watch it.

Having just done jury selection on a capital case in Orlando, Florida last month, since I chose a jury of six plus one alternate. It may be different in Casey’s case but I don’t think so. Everything will rest on what they think and feel about Casey and what they think she did or didn’t do to Caylee.

A defendant may have all the evidence working in their favor and the best attorneys, but if the jury can’t stand you or doesn’t believe you, you can forget about it. To many jurors, fact that Casey lied to law enforcement means that she could easily lie about what she did or did not do to innocent little Caylee.


When Cindy said that Caylee was not Casey’s child, she belonged to all of them it spoke volumes to Then when she denied that Casey had a problem with her she was either in denial or lied. Of course Casey had a problem with her or she wouldn’t be in the predicament she is in. Cindy told Casey that she wad going to throw her out and keep Caylee so Casey left with Caylee. The reason why Casey did whatever she did to Caylee was because of Cindy and their relationship in my view. Cindy was large and in charge and tried to take over. Casey resented it and in her sociopathic passive aggressive way eliminated Caylee from the picture.

‘I don’t buy that it was an accident as some of the focus group attendees said in the 48 Hours piece. Even if Casey gave Caylee chloroform to put her to sleep and then put the duct tape over Caylees mouth to keep her quiet in case she woke up in the trunk where she was placed so that Casey could party this is not an accident. Even if Casey was too drunk and accidentally placed the duct tape over Casey’s nose and mouth instead of just her mouth, that was not an accident in my view. Even if Caylee drowned in the pool, that was not an accident in my view. How can a child drown in a pool if a parent is there holding the child? If Casey was on her cell phone and left Caylee in the pool by herself that is not an accident. Subconsciously Casey wanted Caylee gone and out of her life and proof of that was her partying when Caylee went missing.

There is no excuse or explanation one could manufacture for that to happen. Deep down Casey resented Caylee and any “accident” was done subconsciously on purpose in my view. I hope that the prosecution will probe into this so that no juror comes away thinking that Caylee’s death was an accident. When an accident happens there is an immediacy of dealing with it- not 31 days later. And her fear of her mother is bogus. As a jury will see from the jailhouse tapes, Casey ran both her father and her mother! The only “accident” was that Casey considered Caylee a huge accident when she became pregnant with Caylee and lost her social freedom. Tragically, Casey made Caylee pay for that” accident” with her life.

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