Michael Joseph Chavez - Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution - Sexual Assault of a Minor

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Normal Michael Joseph Chavez - Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution - Sexual Assault of a Minor

Post by Guest on Tue Dec 06, 2011 12:22 pm

Date(s) of Birth Used: July 25, 1978; July 25, 1979
Place of Birth: California
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 150 pounds
Race: White (Hispanic)
Occupation: Chavez may be working as a bounty hunter.
Nationality: American
Hair: Black (May be bald)
Eyes: Brown
Sex: Male
Aliases: Michael J. Chavez; Michael Joseph Chavez, Jr.; Michael Joesph Chavez
Identifiable Marks: Chavez is supposedly "sleeved" meaning he has tattoos covering both arms. He has the following tattoos:; Upper left arm: A skeleton wearing a sombrero holding a knife in one hand and a gun in the other. He also has a demon that looks like Chavez and little ghosts.; Left lower arm: A burning cross with the words "Art Butron never forgotten" and a Chinese symbol that means love. He also has a woman with devil horns and angel wings.; Back: An entire back piece that was not completed. It was a collage of demon faces and clown faces with "Chavez" at the top mixed in with the picture. Most of the faces were only outlined at the time he fled.; Right lower leg: A scorpion with an "M" in it.; Lower right wrist: The symbol for the zodiac sign Scorpio. It looks like a tribal M.; Neck: Possibly the name "Marisa".

Summary: Michael Joseph Chavez is wanted on multiple counts of sexual molestation for the abuse of two minor female relatives in California. Chavez is alleged to have assaulted the girls while they were between the ages of eight and ten. After Chavez determined that he was under investigation by the Sacramento County Sheriffs Office, he fled Sacramento County. After a local arrest warrant was issued and Chavez was charged with sexual assault of a minor, a federal arrest warrant was obtained for Chavez in the United States District Court, Eastern District of California, Sacramento, California, on April 2, 2008, and he was charged with unlawful flight to avoid prosecution.

Chavez may have fled to Mexico. He is fluent in both English and Spanish and is able to translate between the two languages.

If you have seen him or know where he is, please click the link to submit the tip to the FBI.

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