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Tommy Croslin’s Voice and Speech Patterns in Jailhouse Confession Ring True. What Does Ron Cummings Know?

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Normal Tommy Croslin’s Voice and Speech Patterns in Jailhouse Confession Ring True. What Does Ron Cummings Know?

Post by Wrapitup on Sat May 22, 2010 9:57 pm


Tommy Croslin, brother of Misty Croslin, the ex step mother of missing five year old Haleigh Cummings, told his grandmother, Flora Hollars that he knows how Haleigh died. Based on his vocal tells during his phone conversation with his grandmother he appears to me to be telling the truth.

He is fluent in speech, without hesitation, repetition, and does’t use ” like um and ums” – tells which can often be heard when there is deception. He has a fluidity to the rate of speech. His tone of voice is appropriately inflected, especially when he speaks about being scared. He says that he is scared of anyone hurting his kids and I believe him. In fact, you can actually hear the fearful emotional state reflected in his vocal tone.

I especially believe Tommy when he tells his grandmother that he was threatened to keep quiet about what happened. Perhaps that would seem to explain the headless rat that arrived in his mailbox, which Ron allegedly sent as a reminder to not “rat him out”.


Grandmother Flora Hollars questioned her grandson Tommy about that horribly fateful night that Haleigh was last seen. She said:

“I was told that Ron come home, and Haleigh found one of his pills and took it and was dead … Ron called you to get you to come up there and help Misty clean the house while he disposed of Haleigh,”

But then Tommy denied this scenario which his grandmother presented and said it simply wasn’t true.

He said he was threatened to stay quiet about what happened, or risk being killed. He told his grandmother he feels more safe in jail.

Tommy then asked his grandmother about his sister Misty and if she has told investigators all she knows about Haleigh.

This line of Tommy’s questioning definitely leads me to believe what I have said all along that Misty knows a lot about what happened to the little girl.

I read it in her vocal pattern during the 911 call and saw it in her body language on every subsequent television interview she did where she discussed how she didn’t know what happened to little Haleigh.


Even though Tommy denied Flora’s scenario that she heard Haleigh and found one of his pills and took it and was dead …and even denied the rest of her scenario that “ Ron called you to get you to come up there and help Misty clean the house while he disposed of Haleigh,” the real question is, what part of the scenario is Tommy denying? Is there any part of the scenario which is true? Is he denying the part that:

1. Haleigh found one of his pills and took it and was dead, or that
2. Ron called him to come up there and help Misty clean the house, or that
3. Ron disposed of Haleigh?

Was Tommy saying “no” to all of this story or only to a part of it?

This is not the first time we heard something about Haleigh in relation to drugs. It was one of the three stories that Flora said that Misty shared with her grandmother as to what happened to Haleigh.

It was also a scenario that we read about in one of Misty Croslin’s friend’s jailhouse letters. Apparently her friend Kristina Prevatt aka Nay Nay made reference to Haleigh getting into some “oxycottin.”

If it was true that Haleigh got a hold of the drug and ingested it, did she first become unconscious before she died? As soon as she was unconscious why wasn’t she immediately taken to the emergency room where her stomach could have been pumped and her life could have possibly been saved ?

The reason may have been simple. If it was discovered that she ingested oxycontin, authorities question would be where she got the drug. There would be no doubt be an investigation and Ron’s drug dealing business would be over. So nothing was done to save her, if indeed she did ingest the drug. If this is the case, she was obviously neglected and left to die.

Could this be the reason that Ron acted so odd throughout this entire situation? Did he know what happened to Haleigh as he had Misty call 911 and as he subsequently went on television to do all of the interviews?
I think this is very plausible. ~wrap~


I have always been troubled by Ronald Cummings’ body language and behavior ever since I first heard the 911 tape where he had his then 17 year old girlfriend Misty reported his daughter Haleigh missing.

To me, his behavior seemed very confusing and not congruent. Did he know a lot more than he was saying during his interviews? In my view, his behavior was very odd. Here are the elements which have troubled me about Ron’s behavior.

1. The 911 call was made by a 17 year old girl and not by Ron, the parent of the child. As we all saw in the Greta van Sustern interviews, Ron is a “ take charge kind of guy” as he appeared to direct Misty as to what to say and not to say. So why didn’t he take charge that night and call 911?

2. In the brief moment he speaks to the 911 operator, Ron said ” I just got home from work. If I find who took my daughter I will kill them. He then repeats this threat several times, which is very odd. Most people who were missing a child would go into the woods, even in the dark and start to call out to the child. They would wonder why she would have walked off. Theywould plead with 911 to help them locate their child. They would not make threats.

3. During the 911 call he told Misty to hang up because he had” better people to talk to.” Who were these “better” people to whom he was referring that were more important to speak to other than law enforcement?

4. His sudden rush to marry a legally underage 17 year old shortly after the child disappeared was also cause for concern. Was his rush to marry Misty done so that his wife could not testify against him? Did he marry her so quickly because he did not want to get arrested for being with an underage girl?

5. His controlling behavior over Misty during the Greta van Sustern interview and Today show interview and inconsistent statements make one wonder whether he already knew what happened to his daughter. Why was he so controlling over Misty in her speaking? Did he not want her to reveal something relevant to the press?

6. Ron’s hurling himself on the ground for what seemed to be for the effect of the camera and his non tears were also odd.

7. Ron was too sure that Haleigh was taken and still alive. After a year, most people would at least question whether Haleigh had been killed.

8.Ron’s constant verbal theme that he was “at work,” said throughout all of his interviews was odd. It was as though he mentioned it to everyone who would listen so they would be sure to know he had nothing to do with Haleigh’s disappearance because he was somewhere else- “at work”.

While it was documented that Ron was indeed at work, what happened before he went to work?
During one interview, he had a smug Chesire cat grin, when he spoke about how he was”at work.”

He even made the same statement to the undercover officer to whom he sold the drugs in the car as he also told him that he was “at work”.

9.Ron’s volunteering too much unsolicited information that “Haleigh was not a victim of a dope boy”- a young male that moves hard drugs (ex. cocaine, crack), as well as the standard marijuana and prescription pills to a specific geographic area or neighborhood, was also odd.

10. His deceptive verbal tells of hesitation, fragmentation, and the repetition to Geraldo Rivera’s interview were also concerns.

11. Ron made a disconcerting statement to Geraldo when Geraldo tells him he was told that Ron hit his child. Ron’s answer was fragmented as he repeated Gerlado’s exact words in the beginning of the question .Ron then goes on to say “ Me and my child have an agreement. Daddy, daughter. She has been spanked on her behind the way DCF says that you can take care of disciplining your children.”

First of all what is this daddy daughter agreement? This fragmented statement with way too much information leads me to question as to whether Ron may have possibly hit Haleigh or possibly backhanded her to the face as Geraldo asked.

12. Ron lied to Geraldo about having nothing to do with drugs when in fact we know that he did, based on his recent drug bust.

13. Finally, Ron’s bravado when he was first arrested, telling reporter Dan Treen that he will kill the person who killed Haleigh makes me once again question if this was his way to possibly mislead authorities who so they would take the focus of of him.


One of the other possible scenarios that Flora Hollars said that Misty relayed to her in relation to what happened to Haleigh was that she hit Haleigh over the head with some wood.

The inconsistencies with regard to Misty during her interviews since Haleigh went missing are a follows:

1. Misty told Greta Van Sustern she did not sleep with Haleigh.
2. Misty told Nancy Grace that Hailey was not in bed with her, indicating they had not slept together.
3. Misty then said at one time Hailey was asleep in the same bed with her brother.
4. Misty said she was washing the sheets and put a blanket over Haleigh when she was sleeping
5. Misty told Meredith Viera that Haleigh was in her bed
6. Misty told Nancy Grace that she and Haleigh were in bed together.
7. Misty also said she went to bed at 10 PM and woke up at 3. Ron said he called Misty at 3:25 as he was pulling into the driveway.I want to know what happened in those 25 minutes when Misty reported that she woke up to the time Ron called her as he pulled into the driveway. And why would anyone call anyone as they were pulling into the driveway when they would see the person in a matter of seconds? It didn’t make any sense at all.


During one interview where I was on a panel with Leonard Padilla, the famous bounty hunter, he said that”:Tommy would be the first to crack.” He said that Tommy would be the first one to tell what happened and Leonard was absolutely correct.

Tommy is frightened of losing his wife Lindsey and his family and keeps mentioning this. In fact in his last conversation with Tommy, grandmother Flora Hollars reassured Tommy that Lindsey loved him and wasn’t leaving him.

So it seems to me as though Tommy is highly motivated to get back to the wife and family he loves. No doubt that is why he has decided that it is in his best interest to tell the truth and to tell all that he knows and, finally cooperate.

Prayers for our little HaLeigh Cummings, wherever she may be!!

Nine-tenths of wisdom is appreciation. Go find somebody’s hand and squeeze it, while there’s time.
-- Dale Dauten--

Thank you RAINE for all you ARE!! I will ALWAYS hold you in my Heart!!

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Normal Re: Tommy Croslin’s Voice and Speech Patterns in Jailhouse Confession Ring True. What Does Ron Cummings Know?

Post by CritterFan1 on Tue Jul 27, 2010 11:20 am

Going to check what Lies for eyes says. Wonder if she has anything on Tommy, she may not feel he is a key player. Thanks for the good article.

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