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Cobra's email to me - with his permission

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Normal Cobra's email to me - with his permission

Post by Wrapitup on Tue Aug 04, 2009 11:40 am

Cobra's attorney went to court for him yesterday and entered a Not Guilty plea. I got this email from him today. I asked him if I could post it on VH. Please read from bottom to top:

From: "Cobra" View contact detailsTo: "kATHIE ASH"

Would you? Oh thank God.

Humble thanks,


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Date: 8/4/2009 12:12:09 PM
To: Cobra
Subject: Re: Fw: OVERCROWDED

May I post your email to me and the article on Victim's Heartland????


--- On Tue, 8/4/09, Cobra wrote:

From: Cobra
Date: Tuesday, August 4, 2009, 10:29 AM

Friends, please pray for me. This is where they want to send me, maybe an even worse place.....Again I request, prayer. Please ask your friends too....If your church has a prayer list please include me.

I plead not guilty yesterday to the charge of false imprisonment via council. Speaking of which is very costly. I also would like to walk my daughter down the isle in Canada on the 22 of this month, however the expenses that I have incurred and the charge I face, may make this impossible without lots of prayer and some love gifting.

I need your help,

William Staubs

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From: xxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 8/4/2009 12:44:28 AM
To: Cobra

Putnam County faces jail dilemma

By Larry Sullivan
Published: Saturday, August 1, 2009 2:35 AM EDT
Poor design, chronic overcrowding and a lack of guards have combined for a volatile mix at Putnam County's jail.

The situation, which has garnered attention after two prisoners escaped in April and went on a deadly crime spree, has prompted newly elected Sheriff Jeff Hardy to seek 29 additional employees right away and push for new facilities.

"The obvious answer is we need a new correctional facility," Hardy said.

Built in 1987 near the intersection of State Road 19 and U.S. 17 in Palatka, the jail was made to house 178 inmates, then expanded for another 53.

On Friday, there were 329 prisoners.

Despite the increase in prisoners, the number of correctional officers is the same.

Putnam's jail has an inmate-guard ratio of 40 to 1, well above the national average of 14 to 1.

The jail's design makes running the facility difficult, officials say.

Problems range from a lack of drains that make cleanup difficult to faulty wiring and electronics to an inefficient layout that hampers security and emergency response.

The jail is not air-conditioned and there is no system to remove humidity. Rust is destroying components and the heat can be brutal. Temperatures reached 111 degrees during May's heat wave, conditions endured by employees and inmates alike.

Four prisoners have committed suicide in the last 18 months, and others have tried to kill themselves.

Also, maintenance at the jail has been deferred. Broken electric locks went unrepaired for more than a year and the investigation into April's escape found broken perimeter fences and employees taking shortcuts from proper procedures.

"When taking into consideration the design and present condition of the facility, the span of control for inmates far exceeds that which we are capable of handling in a safe and prudent manner," jail administrator Maj. John Griffin wrote in a June 12 memo to Hardy.

Griffin was appointed to the post in the wake of last jailbreak, when Timothy Fletcher and Doni Brown used a jack to pry their way out of the jail on April 15. Authorities say they killed Fletcher's stepgrandmother in Bardin and stole seven vehicles before they were caught three days later.

"The maximum capacity for the design of the jail is 231," Griffin wrote in the memo. "This translates to housing almost 100 inmates beyond what we are capable of doing on any given day and maintain compliance with the Florida Model Jail Standards."

Griffin asked that jail improvements "be given a high-level priority."

Though aware of the jail issue, Putnam County officials have stalled taking action for years, hoping to use tax revenue from the now-delayed expansion of Seminole Electric's Palatka plant to fund improvements.

On Wednesday, Board of County Commissioners Chairwoman Nancy Harris acknowledged the situation had to be faced.

"We are going to have to do something, we know that," she said.

"We have to look at what's available and what we can do. But we have got to, in the near future, plan on doing an expansion in the least expensive and most cost-effective manner."

One option is to house inmates in tents.

Putnam officials, including Hardy and three county commissioners, recently toured a complex of four tents in Brevard County near Titusville.

Each large green tent houses 100 low-risk inmates and was built for about $800,000 using inmate labor.

Brevard Sheriff Jack Parker said he turned to the heavy-duty tents when voters repeatedly rejected tax increases to expand the jail, which was housing nearly four times as many inmates as it was designed to hold.

"It was the most dangerous jail in the state," he said.

Each tent has concrete floors, showers, attorney-inmate areas and dormitory style bunking. The tents were not cooled, but are heavily insulated and stay at about 80 degrees.

Dehumidifiers keep the tent interiors comfortable and minimize deterioration.

Brevard's jail chief Susan Jeter said the tough plastic canvas is warranted for 20 years and the aluminum frame for 30 years.

Hardy said the tents were a strong option.

"I do recognize the tough economic times that we're in and I do believe that this is a short-term solution to alleviate some of the severe overcrowding that we have in our jail facility," he said.

Also on the tour were commissioners Kenny Eubanks and Chip Laibl and County Administrator Rick Leary.

Hardy praised the county officials for making the trip to Titusville to see the tents.

"I'm glad to see they are engaged and that they care," he said.

Prayers for our little HaLeigh Cummings, wherever she may be!!

Nine-tenths of wisdom is appreciation. Go find somebody’s hand and squeeze it, while there’s time.
-- Dale Dauten--

Thank you RAINE for all you ARE!! I will ALWAYS hold you in my Heart!!

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